Casement Windows

Casement Windows

uPVC Casement Windows:

Probably the most popular style in the UK are casement windows, they can be found in millions of houses all across the country.  The attraction of this particular design is the ability to fit almost any size of opening & that it is very adaptable in terms of the type of property it can suit, with dozens of combinations of prices & fixed or opening panes.

The main function of this type of window is to have the ability to combine fixed and opening sections into one frame. The opening sections can be top hinged (awning) side hinged (casement) or bottom hinged (hopper).

This design is also very often used in bow windows or even Bay windows to great effect.  The curved Bow design is achieved by  connecting a series of casement windows,side by side, to form the overall shape of the curved window. You will find, however, that bow windows are more expensive than flat- plane installations.

 uPVC Casement  Windows features:

  • Multi-point all round locks for better security
  • Draught excluders for better control over heat loss
  • Window frames that fit flush creating storm-proof seals
  • Easy to open & close
  • Energy efficient sealed double glazed window panes with Low-emissivity glass.
  • Very low maintenance requirements – (just wash them occasionally with soapy water)
  • Metal reinforcing in the windows frames (no warping or shape distortion)
  • Coloured or leaded Glass / ‘Georgian’ window bars
  • Wood grain finishes / super smooth finishes is many different colours
Casement Windows

UPVC WINDOWS: French, Sash, Casement & Tilt/Turn

Security features like toughened safety glass & window beading fitted to the inside & locking pins built-in around the full frame can be found in all casement windows. You can also personalise them by using coloured glass or even leaded glass or you can go for coloured wood grain frames.

    You can also find them in designs such as Bay Windows or Bow Windows.

bay bow