Composite Door Security

Composite Door Security

Locking systems for Composite Doors.

Given the headline crime statistics for London, and allowing for the fact that most UK city homes will face the same type of assault from unwanted intruders, having a secure entrance door is probably a good idea – especially when you consider the obvious fact that virtually all home invasions happen via a weak or ineffectual entrance door.


The types of protection you should look for in an entrance door:

if we look at the simple things first.

  • Door Chain – a good quality door chain allows you to open the door without making your home accessible
  • Spy hole – if you have a solid door, have an eye level spy-hole so that you can look to see who is outside the door.
  • 5 lever locks – the simpler your lock, the easier it is to defeat. 5 lever locks are a must.
  • Doors latches that semi-lock automatically – what we mean by this is that when you close the door the latch clicks into place, this gives an initial level of security so that you don’t have to immediately fiddle with a key to lock the door. But ensure that the door also has a mortise lock as well.
  • Toughened glass in the door- if you have glass panes in the door, make sure it’s strong. Double glazed units help a lot, as will ‘wired’ glass or tempered glass.

secure composite doorsThe best uPVC Front Doors have the “secured by design” label – these are doors that are approved by the Association of Chief Police officers in the UK and have been tested to the highest standards.

By selecting a replacement front door with this kind of approval rating, you can be sure that your family & belongings are kept safe.