Double Glazing Price Guide

Double Glazing Price Guide for Windows & Doors

It’s very popular to build or improve homes with uPVC Windows & Doors because they are energy efficient, long lasting, cost effective & don’t need too much looking after. They also add to the value of the property & there is also no doubt that, for an average buyer, a house with new windows is more attractive than one without (unless of course you are buying it as a ‘fixer upper’).

Double Glazing Price GuideThere are, of course, hundreds of companies in the UK who can design, build, supply & fit all types of double glazed products. But even though this provides a lot of choice for the consumer, it also creates a bewildering amount of prices differences in the market place.

Buying the best priced Double Glazed Windows & Doors for your needs is going to be a matter of comparing prices via written quotations from suppliers. Then making your decision based on the combination of benefits on offer that best suit your circumstances.

Finding double glazing prices online can be a lottery. Therefore we have put together a small sample of those freely available on the internet, giving you a clear idea of the costs involved.

Buyers Window Price Guide for Double Glazing

  • Especially relevant to always get at least 3 written quotes
  • Use an accredited company for the work
  • Prepare to negotiate for a better deal
  • Never sign a contact ‘on the night’
  • Remember your consumer rights
  • Closely check finance offers
  • Satisfied customer references are important
  • Ask for deposit guarantees
  • Look for workmanship warranties
  • Check for product guarantees

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Examples: Online double glazing price guide

Double Glazing UK Prices by category of property

  • Terrace house:  up to 5 or 6 standard white uPVC: starting from +/- £1,900
  • Regular ‘Semi’: 5 to 8 standard white uPVC: starting from +/- £3,000
  • Regular ‘Detached’: up to 10 or 12 standard white uPVC: starting from +/- £4,500

Double Glazing UK Prices by Size of Window (sizes in centimeters)

  • 59 x 89: Prices from:  +/- £120
  • 59 x 120: Prices from:  +/- £200
  • 120 x 120: Prices from:  +/- £320
  • 120 x 180 Prices from:  +/- £400

Prices by category of property

  • Terrace house:  up to 5 or 6 standard white uPVC Sash: from +/- £3,250
  • Regular ‘Semi’: 5 to 9 standard white uPVC Sash: from +/- £4,550
  • Regular ‘Detached’: up to 15 standard white Sash uPVC: from +/- £6,600

Prices by Size of Window (sizes in centimeters)

  • 60 x 90: Prices from:  +/- £450
  • 120 x 120: Prices from:  +/- £600
  • 120 x 130: Prices from:  +/- £650
  • 100 x 150 Prices from:  +/- £700

Add-ons & Extra’s for Double Glazing

For any extra options you should add the percentage to the cost of the standard window type. Consequently, these percentages are in addition to the cost of the basic window. Therefore you are advised to allow for this in your chosen option.

  • Wood grain effect frames +20%
  • Upgrade to ‘A’ rated WER +/- 10%
  • Coloured frames +/- 10%
  • Energy Saving Low-e Glass (p.o.a)

Prices are for guidance only & are not intended as an offer to buy or sell – always get a written quote for the cost of installing fully fitted double glazed windows & doors that relates to your specific property

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Frequently asked questions about Double Glazed Windows

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Q – How long does it take to double glaze a 3 bedroom semi?

A – If you are using a professional team of installers then, provided there are no snags, it will take 3 to 5 days to complete from the day delivery of the windows.

Q – Why should I use a FENSA or CERTASS registered installer?

A – The reason you should use a FENSA or CERTASS installer is for 3 main reasons:

  1. They are pre-vetted independently for working practices & competence.
  2. Double glazed window installations need to be certified to meet UK building regulations and FENSA & CERTASS registered installers can do that for you.
  3. Registered members have to offer insurance backed guarantees & warranties.
Q – Which is the best type of double glazed window, UPVC, Timber or Aluminium?

A – There is no “best” type. Each material has its advantages or disadvantages. However, due to their popularity for residential use, UPVC & timber designs are plentiful and the market for prices is very competitive.

Q – What is the cost per window?

A – You can find out more on this page – How Much is Double Glazing Per Window in the UK? a good double glazing price guide.

Q – Is triple glazing worth the extra cost?

If you live at the North Pole, definitely! However, for most homes in the UK a good quality A++ rated double glazed window will be more than adequate. Triple glazing will be more energy efficient and let less sound penetrate your home than the average double glazed unit. But is it worth the extra cost? – only you can judge.

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