French Windows & French Doors

French Windows & French Doors

uPVC French Windows & French Doors.

French Windows have both style & function which gives them a particular class all of their own. They are very often used as a both windows and double doors. The more favoured ‘traditional’ look most often features individual glass pane sections, with windows & doors that open outwards. (However, if preferred, they can open in).

french windows

Popular Features

  • Multi-point all round locks for better security
  • Draughts excluders for better control over heat loss
  • Window frames that fit flush creating storm-proof seals
  • Easy to open & close
  • Energy efficient sealed double glazed window panes with Low-emissivity glass.
  • Very low maintenance requirements – (just wash them occasionally with soapy water)
  • Metal reinforcing in the windows frames (no warping or shape distortion)
  • Coloured or leaded Glass / ‘Georgian’ window bars
  • Wood grain finishes / super smooth finishes is many different colours

upvc french windowWith a ‘Double leaf’ door or window configuration, the installation of sturdy top & bottom locks will be an important factor as centre opening doors can be vulnerable to forced entry because the lock shoot bolts on the handles don’t go into a fixed frame.

For added life span when using UPVC French Windows, go for units that have steel reinforced frames to help them resist warping & distorting over time.