How Much are uPVC Bifold Windows?

How Much are uPVC Bifold Windows?

uPVC Bifold Windows – a beginners guide

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bifold windows semi openedA versatile and contemporary option, bifold windows are fast gaining popularity in homes as well as in commercial establishments.

Bi-fold windows are comprised of a series of hinged and framed panels that can be slid back and neatly stacked against the wall leaving an unobstructed opening.

The modern look and efficient functionality of the bi-fold window design combined with the resilience of uPVC, could make uPVC Bi-fold windows the more favourable option for your home if you prefer a more sleek contemporary appearance than a typical casement window design.

  • What is a uPVC Bifold window?
  • What are the options available?
  • How much do uPVC Bifold windows cost?

Typical Bi-fold window features

Bi-fold windows are primarily designed for the purpose of creating a wide open space. Its design allows for this type of wide opening. This function makes a room look more spacious, whilst still allowing for all the energy efficiency & security benefits you could expect from a modern window design.

You don’t’ have to use them just for the outside – they make an excellent way to connect internal rooms – maybe a dining room to a kitchen.

If you don’t have the room to fit a patio door, then a set of bifold windows can be the next best thing.

Free quotesThe uPVC frames are welded on all the corner joints and can be reinforced with galvanized steel for extra rigidity. Internal window beads and multi-point locking systems add an extra layer of security.

Up to 28mm sealed double glazed window units can be fitted which gives the window super sound insulation and excellent thermal efficiency (with a 28mm unit, the actual “air gap” between the glass is 20mm – the 2 glass panes are usually at least 4mm thick).

For additional energy performance, you can opt for Argon gas filled double glazing, or even upgrade to triple glazed bifold windows.

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What are the benefits of fitting UPVC Bi-fold windows?

Bi-fold windows are designed in a manner so as to provide an unrestricted view to the outside, while allowing plenty of fresh air and sunlight to come into your home.

These windows are fitted with superior locks and come with additional upgrades, thereby providing high security.

Thanks to the resilient nature of uPVC, these windows are completely weatherproof. With a continuous wind seal around the frames accompanied by weather seal gaskets, conditions such as cold spots and draughts are prevented.

Compared to aluminium and timber, uPVC bi-fold windows are extremely low maintenance and practically take care of themselves. These windows don’t rot, rust or warp and never require re-painting.

uPVC Bi-fold windows come in different colours and sizes and can be customised to suit its surroundings.

As long as the right glass is chosen, these windows can be extremely energy efficient and have the ability to keep your home warm and comfortable through the year.

Options for sculptured, chamfered or flush fitting frames add to the already extensive customisation options.

white uPVC Bifold windowsThese windows also come with 3 high quality handle options:

  • The premium handle is located in the active panels and has a key lock.
  • Pull handles are located in the pivot points to further aid opening and closing of the windows.
  • The inactive lock handle secures the panel with steel pins.


What do uPVC Bifold windows cost to install?

As a rule of thumb, uPVC Bi-fold windows are generally less expensive than their Aluminium or Hardwood counterparts.

Their prices vary depending, primarily on the size and the colour of the window, but you should also take in to account such factors as glazing, energy rating and number of panels.

You could expect to find prices in the region of £500 – £700 for a standard height 2 or 3 panel window (H 1200mm x W 2000mm) –  you can find more prices on this page.

We can arrange personal quotations from installers in your local area – just click the link below.

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