How Much do UPVC Windows and Doors Cost?

How Much do UPVC Windows and Doors Cost?

A guide to replacement windows and doors cost

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Upvc windows and doors come in different styles with each having its own unique appearance and styling characteristics. The following are the most popular replacement window and door styles:

Casement WindowCasement Window:

This type of window is mostly hinged at the top or at the side. It is very rare to find a casement window hinged at the bottom, but they do exist and are called hopper windows.

The window opens outwards and is one of the most popular windows, found in a large majority of modern homes.

How much do casement windows cost?
Window Size   Material   Guide prices 
One Opening: 600 x 900 uPVC, double glazed, white £200 to £250
Single: 1200 x 1200 uPVC, double glazed, white £300 to £350
Single 950 x 1500 uPVC, double glazed, white £450 to £500
 3 bed semi-detached up to 10/12 units uPVC, double glazed, white £4,500 to £5,000

Sash WindowSash Window:

This type of window has a unique characteristic of opening by sliding it upwards or downwards. It can also be found fitted with specialised hinges that enable the window to tilt, making the outside very easy to access.

How much do Sash Windows Cost?
Window Size  Specification Price Guide
Standard Vertical Sash: 600mm x 900mm  White uPVC  Starting from around £500
Standard Vertical Sash: 1200mm x 1200mm  White uPVC  Starting from around £600
Full House Standard Sash Window Wood  Starting from around £10,000

French Casement WindowsFrench windows:

A matched pair of side-by-side windows hinged from the outer sides and are hung into one single frame. The lock is at the centre where the two windows meet. They can open either inwards or outwards and some nice examples can be found on a Juliet balcony.

French doors: They have the same uniquely classic look of small mullioned glass panes, and are really nothing more than a set of French windows big enough to be used as a door.

How much do French Windows & Doors cost?
 Door size  Specification  Price Guide
 2 doors 900 x 2100  white, upvc double glazed  £800 to £900
 2 doors 1000 x 2100  white, upvc double glazed  £1,000 to £1,200
 2 doors 1200 x 2100  rosewood, upvc double glazed £1,200 to £1,400


 Window Size  Specification Price Guide
 2 pane 500 wide x 1000 high  white, upvc £450 to £500
 1000 wide x 1000 high  white, upvc £500 to £575
 1200 wide x 2100 high  white, upvc £550 to £600

A Tilt and Turn WindowTilt and Turn Window:

This is a more modern innovation and operates just as its name suggests. The window is either opened by tilting it backwards from the top allowing it to lean backward into the room.

Or it can be opened and closed like a regular casement window, with the exception that it always opens inwards, not outwards like a casement window.

Larger tilt and turn windows are can easily be used as entrance or patio doors.

How much do tilt & turn windows cost?
 Approximate size Basic Specification  Prices (supply only)
 1200 x 1200 – single window  white upvc, double glazed  £270 to £350
 1200 x 1200 –  2 x openers  white upvc, double glazed  £310 to £400
 3000 x 1200 – 3 panel, 2 openers  white upvc, double glazed £580 to £650

Types of Front and Back Doors

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Residential front and back doors have a few features in common, but there are some design elements that you see more in a front door that you do for an average back door.

The common factors would be in the type of material you can have them built from such as timber, Aluminium, uPVC or composite. Also in the general design, such as solid, half glazed, full glazed and security features like locks.

The differences are mainly in the visual aspect where owners are more concerned with how the front door looks than the back door. A front door will feature things like letter boxes, spy holes, door knockers and numbers. Back doors are usually quite plain.

An exception to this, is where designs like cottage or stable doors are used at the rear of the home. They are very rustic in style but add loads of character.

How much do uPVC Front doors cost?
 Approximate size  Specification Price Guide
762 mm x 1981 mm 6 panel uPVC White £650 to £700
762 mm x 1981 mm Solid 6 panel uPVC Black £850 to £900
762 mm x 1981 mm Solid Cottage Style Irish Oak £900 to £950
How much do uPVC Back doors cost?
 Approximate size  Specification Price Guide
 762 mm x 1981 mm 2 panel top panel glazed in White  £650 to £690
 762 mm x 1981 mm 2 panel top panel glazed in Black  £900 to £950
 762 mm x 1981 mm  Stable Door, mid rail, White £690 to £750

patio doorsPatio doors

Very often a property will feature a set of patio doors, sometimes replacing the usual back door, sometimes as an added feature.

The three most popular types of patio doors are Bifold, French and inline sliding types.

All of them have different key features which you can learn more about here.

How much do patio doors cost?
Patio Door Type Material Price Guide
Double Opener French: 2 door White uPVC from £1,600
Double Panel Sliding: 2 door Aluminium from £900
Triple Panel Sliding: 3 door Aluminum from £2,700
Bi-fold: 4 panel Engineered Wood from £3,000

There are a number of features for uPVC windows and doors that make them very suitable to use.

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The following are some of the more commonly seen features of UPVC windows:

The window frames are usually made up of multi-chambered sections which promotes structural and thermal insulation.  The chambers can also conceal galvanised metal reinforcing sections for extra rigidity where required.

Use of coloured uPVC for doors & windows has become more prevalent due to the vast improvements in the way the colour is applied by foiling or fusing the colour into the surface permanently.

UPVC ColoursThere are now around 20 different shades or variations of finishes for the average uPVC product, such as:
  • Rosewood
  • Rosewood & white
  • Golden oak
  • Golden oak & white
  • Mahogany
  • Mahogany & white
  • Cream foil
  • Cream foil & white
  • Black foil
  • White foil
  • Grained grey & white
  • Chartwell green & white
  • Irish Oak
  • Dark Blue
  • Brown Black / Brown Black & white

Argon gas filled double glazed sealed units- these help retain the heat inside the house and greatly reduces heat & cold penetration from the outside by acting as an additional thermal barrier.

Low E-soft coated Glass- Low emissivity glass is used to coat the inner panel of a glazing unit. This reflects the heat back into the house preventing heat loss.Warm

Edge spacer- A thermally optimised spacer bar is placed between the glass panels. It is made from a highly insulating plastic and has a very thin stainless steel membrane. This ensures there is no gas and water vapour leakage.

Security is covered for entrance and patio doors by the inclusion of locks that engage at multiple points around the frames – good quality uPVC windows will also have this lock feature.

Sliding patio doors have an extra feature that prevent them from being lifted and forcibly removed from the tracks when closed and locked.

Bottom Line

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Free quotesUPVC double glazed windows are relatively lower priced than their hardwood or aluminium window equivalent. In many cases, the price can be 30% lower than that of solid hardwood windows and up to 50% lower than that of aluminium double glazed windows – so you have value for money from outset.

You also benefit from a very large range of designs, appearances and thermal ratings. This product range is also backed up by a truly enormous supply chain of accredited installers and high quality manufacturers of uPVC windows & Doors.

So, uPVC windows and doors offer choice, availability and value for money and therefore make great sense to use in your home.