How Much is Double Glazing Per Window in the UK?

How Much is Double Glazing Per Window in the UK?

Find out the cost of double glazing per window

How Much is Double Glazing Per Window in the UK?For almost everyone who is in the market for new or replacement windows & doors, the question of “how much will it cost?” is inevitably asked at one point or another.

So, in order to shed some light on the subject, we have addressed some of the more common questions about double glazed windows prices.

We will look at:

  • What type of double glazed windows are there?
  • What are double glazed windows made from?
  • What factors influence the price of double glazing per window?
  • What can I do to help lower the cost for my windows?
  • What do different types of double glazed windows cost?

What type of double glazed windows are there?

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There are only a few major design styles to choose from and these would be:

  1. Casement Windows – side opening.
  2. Vertical Sliding Sashes (Sash Windows) – vertical opening from top or bottom.
  3. French Windows – double opening from the centre.
  4. Tilt & Turn Windows – “two-way” side or bottom hinged opening.
  5. uPVC Bifold Windows – horizontally sliding casements

Any other window style would be a variation on one or more of these designs.

Of the above designs, casement & sash are very popular and can be seen in virtually every home in the UK.

What are double glazed windows made from?

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The material that goes into making the windows is not only going to be a big pricing factor, it’s also important to select the material and appearance that, together, best suits your home.

Timber windows – made from either softwoods, hardwoods or engineered timber.

UPVC Windows – Unplasticised Poly-vinyl chloride is what uPVC means. Sometimes also called PVCu. This hard wearing material is hugely popular in the UK

Aluminium windows – aluminium has been used in windows for decades. Although not as popular as timber or uPVC for use in residential properties, modern aluminium windows are sleek, energy efficient and look good for a long time.

What factors influence the pricing?

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Clearly, one of the biggest factors is size, with construction material coming a close second.

A big hardwood window (if you didn’t already know) is going to cost more than a small uPVC window.

Aside from these obvious things, there are a few others that are well worth noting:

  • Window energy rating – A++ rated windows are usually costlier (lower than C is not recommended).
  • Colour – for timber/ aluminium it’s not really a big factor, but for uPVC it is.
  • Window sections that open – very often an extra charge applies for sections that can be opened. For example, even sash windows come in single hung or double hung. Double hung means that both the top & bottom sections can slide – single hung is usually just the lower section that can open and both are priced differently.
  • Frame design – slimline frames can be a little costlier from some suppliers.
  • Furniture – I know it’s a strange item, but it refers to handles, locks hinges etc.
  • Supplier – some manufacturers / suppliers are way pricier for windows than others – compare quotes!
  • Glazing – double, triple, low-e, gas filled or the width of the insulating gap between the panes can all impact cost.
  • Glazing 2 – toughened, laminated, frosted, leaded, Georgian bars or patterned glazing have price impact.
  • Labour – how much work to remove & replace? A classic point that sometimes get overlooked, is if you replace Sash windows with slimline casement windows. There will be more “making good” to the inside window reveals because of the difference in thickness between the frames for the 2 designs.

Frequently asked questions about the cost of replacement windows

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What can I do to help lower the cost for my windows?

In reality, apart from shopping around for the best deal and then bargaining like crazy, it’s going to be about what aspects you are prepared to compromise upon.

Going for a window with lower energy ratings, B instead of A++, white instead of coloured uPVC windows, softwood in place of hardwood, less fancy window furniture, and only having openers where you really need then will all help to keep the up-front costs down (as long as you can live with the result long term).

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What do different types of double glazed windows cost?

You are likely to find that the lowest priced windows are casements and are made out of softwood. The next “low priced window” will likely be made from uPVC and also be casement style.

Sash windows are complex products (for a window!) and the pricing reflects it. Hardwood timber box sash windows don’t come cheap.

Aluminium windows seem to be predominantly casement designs with prices at the mid to high end of the spectrum.

What is the cost of buying new uPVC windows in the UK?

The cost per individual unit may go down a little if you are ordering multiple windows at the same time – a full house of 12 windows should cost less per window than if you buy just 1 unit alone.

The range of quoted prices you could find will vary across the UK, but it’s reasonable to expect around £300 to £350 for an average sized uPVC double glazed window, including fitting.

What is the cost of new double glazed windows for a 3 bedroom detached house in the UK?

If we assume that you are replacing the front & back door at the same time as you replace the windows, then a 3 bed detached house could have as many as 12 windows (plus 2 doors).

The average cost for a 3 bed detached house with 12 windows & 2 doors would be in the range of between £4,500 to £6,000. The cost is around £550 for a uPVC and £900 for a composite front door.

How much does it cost to double glaze a 3 bed semi?

Depending on the design of your home then you may have 8 to 10 windows.

With a single window being priced at an average of £300 to £350, you could therefore reasonably expect to pay £2,400 to £3,500 to replace the existing windows with standard uPVC Double glazed windows.

Free quotesIn Summary

You have quite a few things to consider when trying to work out “How much is double glazing per window in the UK?”.

  • Firstly, choose your style.
  • Secondly, choose your material.
  • Thirdly, choose your installer carefully.

Larger orders generally mean a lower cost “per window” and you can always use a written quote from one supplier to help negotiate a better deal with another.

Finally, always use an accredited installer from FENSA / CERTAS as windows and doors need to be certified under UK building regulations.