Modern Timber Sash Windows

Modern Timber Sash Windows

Timber Sash Windows- Built to Meet Your Design Needs Perfectly

Modern Sash Windows built from timber – allowing for, and in keeping with, traditional designs with high levels of attention to detail but with all the benefits of the latest energy efficient innovations.

These products are individually constructed to fit your home and are specifically crafted to match and enhance the character of your property. With detailed items such as horns & putty lines, period molding, hidden ropes and pulley mechanisms the original styling of the design is fully maintained,

Spring tension mechanisms can also be used to offer slimmer frame profiles where preferred

Painted or stained to your choice of colour using long lasting micro-porous paint combined with energy saving double glazed sealed units giving them up to BFRC A’’ Ratings for energy efficiency.

To complete the work at a high standard internal window sills are fitted. Wooden architrave surrounds to the internal walls add the final touches.

Options to use the latest engineered wood from sources that are sustainable. Timbers such as Accoya® that have many of the same properties as high quality hardwood. Engineered timbers ensure that your new installation has a long life span and continues to look great for decades.

Modern Timber Sash WindowsTypical Curved Head Sash Window

Timber Sash Window StylesTypical Flat Head Sash Window


  • Up to 22mm sealed double glazed units
  • Toughened, Laminated, Low-e & acoustic glazing options
  • Security locking
  • Choice of colour
  • BFRC “A’’ Ratings for energy efficiency
  • Engineered or Natural wood construction
Range of Sizes

It is not recommended to rely on your own measurements for fitting timber Sash windows unless you are a professional or very familiar with how they will be fitted. Therefore, it is advised to have a proper survey & written quote from a certified installer.

It is possible to combine height & width (in millimetres)

Height 450 850 1000 1200 1500 1700 1800 1900 2000
Width 540 650 750 800 850 900 950 1050 1150

Bay & Bow Window options

Sliding Bay sashes can be manufactured to meet requirements for 30°, 45°, 60° or 90° angles and Bow designs that curve can be accommodated as per survey.

 Typical Sash Window Styles

4 Sash Design styles

4 over 4: 6 over 6: 1 over 1: 2 over 2

Very often seen in “period” properties (Georgian, Edwardian or Victorian) one of the classic styling clues are the window dividers (Sometimes referred to as Muntins:

The windows may have anything from 2 to 6 panes in each moving sash – see image:

You would normally expect to see both top and bottom sashes of equal height. However, the proportion can be altered if you wish, to an alternate 1/3rd to 2/3rd configuration.

Sash windows are often referred to by the opening function. Subsequently, a single hung version will only have the bottom section opening – a double hung version allows for both sashes to open.

Four Popular Sash Window Styles

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