How much do Sash Windows Cost Fully Fitted?

How much do Sash Windows Cost Fully Fitted?

What Do New & Replacement Sash Windows Cost?

It’s a problematic question, but no doubt one that you will be facing if you are fed up with your old, cold, ugly or worn out Sashes.

The difficulty starts with the level of design choice as there are so many types around in the market. Quality is also an issue – do you go for “cheap & cheerful” or hold out for higher quality standards of energy efficiency & security? The former may be good for initial expense savings, but the later could be better for a long term return on investment.

There is no double that some Sash window suppliers and manufacturers are committed to offering the best quality timber or uPVC products. Whilst this means that they may not necessarily be the lowest Sash windows cost, many such outlets remain highly accredited and professional well respected.

How much do Sash Windows Cost Fully Fitted?Price influencing factors

  • Size
  • Design
  • Materials
  • Guarantees
  • Labour Costs in your area
  • Size of order (larger order cost can work out less “per-window”)
  • Discounts or special offers at the time of order

If we look what is most likely to shift the price up or down, excluding the most obvious aspect which would be the size of the window itself, then we are probably talking about the choice of material to make the window.

Timber sash windows are likely to be at the top end of the price range. If you opt for hardwoods, you can virtually guarantee that they will be the costlier. You could temper the pricing somewhat by seeing if an engineered wood product is available in your area. The use of “recycled” timber in the manufacture of engineered woods is not only more “eco-friendly” it does make the material less expensive to use in making sash windows.

Products in uPVC are readily available and have a reputation of being well made, long lasting, visually appealing and cost effective. Although care should be taken to make sure you use a design that is sympathetic to the look of your home – big white, bulky, plastic looking windows can kill the appeal of your home and may even get you to fall foul of local planning authorities.

You can now find sash windows with a “tilt & turn” function. This is achieved by either having a system that allows the sash to swing inwards. This function offers two primary benefits.

  1. Ease of access for cleaning the outside of the window
  2. Use as a means of escape in the event of an emergency

Size Matters

It’s not unreasonable to apply “volume discount”. If you are buying 1 single window, there will be less chance to negotiate a discount than if you are looking at glazing your whole house.

Labour Costs

You may not like it, but the price of labour can change depending on where you live. Without “labouring the point”, if you live in central London, expect to pay more for labour than if you live in an area where the cost of living is lower.


It’s difficult to quantify an actual cost of a warranty or guarantee (unless of course the installer does specify one themselves). But it’s probably fair to say that installations with long term comprehensive warranties & guarantees are a little costlier that those without. It’s probably a matter of personal choices as to whether you feel they are worth paying extra for or not.

Free quotesDiscounts & Special Offers

It’s often the case that a supplier will run a sale or special offer, they are quite prevalent in any direct-sales environment. In terms of discounts, it may be that “if you don’t ask. You don’t get”. Always ask for a better deal, not just once, but a few times.

Have several prices from different suppliers and use these to your advantage in order to negotiate your best deal.

Sash Windows Cost Guide

Single Sash: 600mm x 1000mm – B rated White uPVC from £192 – supply only
Single Sash: 900mm x 1000mm – B rated White uPVC from £233 – supply only
Single Sash: 1200mm x 1000mm – B rated White uPVC from £250 – supply only
Single Sash: 1500mm x 1000mm – B rated White uPVC from £282 – supply only

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How much do Sash Windows Cost Fully Fitted?

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