Patio Doors & Windows

Patio Doors & Windows

Bi-fold & Sliding Patio Doors.

Why not take that extra step and instead of just changing the living room windows go for it and fit a new set of modern patio doors – they will make your room lighter and more airy and give a whole new way to enjoy your living space. When considering having them installed, it important to take a look at the heat retention qualities as there is bound to be a lot of glass, this factor alone should make you look to get the most energy efficient double glazed window units built in.

Patio Door Designs

patio windowsSliding or tilting & sliding patio doors offer a unique way to get fresh air into the house without leaving the doors fully open.

Usually fitted in a 2 panel configuration, one panel fixed into position & the other free to slide left or right, the moving panel has the ability to tilt backwards from the top which allows air into the room without having to leave the door wide open – good for security also.

french patio windowsFrench Patio doors give a timeless classic look to the room, especially when configured to open outwards so you can just fling the doors open and enjoy the fresh air and your garden.

They can also be configured to open inwards & uPVC versions come in a range of colours & wood grain effect finishes.

Bi-fold patio doors give the maximum clear opening because the door panels slide on top & bottom rails to fold or stack completely to the side (left or right – inside or outside the room). Even with large doors, the roller top tracks & bottom guides allow for ease of movement.

Even when the patio doors are closed you will be amazed at the “glass wall” effect.

patio doors & windows

Bi-fold Patio Windows & Doors in Action

As with most modern examples, patio doors, come in a range of colours & will be fitted with security locks, anti-lifting tracks and tempered or toughened safety glass (laminated glass options are also available)