UPVC Doors

UPVC Doors

uPVC and Composite front Doors.

Upgrading your existing entrance door at the same time as replacing your windows is well worth looking at, because your front door not only gives the first impression to any visitors and impacts the whole look of the property, they can also be the source of 2 major problems, first being energy efficiency and second being security.

According to the Metropolitan Police, there were 57,895 burglaries in London between Sept 2102 & Sept 2013.

Security Features for uPVC & Composite Doors

  • All round multiple locking points
  • 5 lever mortise main locks
  • Steel reinforced centre panels
  • Steel reinforced frames
  • Toughened or laminated glazed sections
  • Triple, heavy duty stainless steel hinges


Once the doors are closed you use a double action to lock them, first is to engage the multi-point locks by turning the main handle and second by the usual key lock. Once closed fully, modern uPVC & Composite Doors are exceptionally difficult to open even with the use of heavy force – great peace of mind for family security.

Energy Efficiency

UPVC doors come with all round draught proof & storm proof weather seals (even on the letter boxes) and with insulated cores & double glazed panels the latest uPVC & Composite front doors can easily achieve ‘A’ ratings for energy efficiency – helping to manage & lower your home energy costs. This applies not only with your entrance, but is also a very important factor in the popularity of UPVC Replacement Windows for your home.

Designs & Styles

There is an unbelievable range of choice of look & colour when it comes to the style of your new front door, but in terms of basic structure, they are available as solid, half glass or full glass. Each basic design can have top or side panels fitted for use with larger openings.


uPVC Front Door Styles, Including Composite Doors

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