UPVC Front Doors

UPVC Front Doors

Modern uPVC Front Doors for your home.

Known for their low maintenance, security & choice of design styles these energy efficient front doors provide many advantages over traditional wooden doors – especially when it comes to keeping your family secure & warm.

For larger entrances, you can add full height single side panels (left or right), double side panels, and top panels or even combine with half glazed / half solid side panels.

front upvc doors

uPVC Door, common features:

Security is provided by built in 5 lever main locks, supported by multiple locking points all around the frame and finally combined with triple stainless steel hinges. The frames have reinforcing built into them and the door centre panels also benefit from mesh reinforcing.

Glass sections can be tempered or laminated if required.

draught excludersStorm & draught proof weather seals fitted to the doors aid the energy efficiency of the doors glass sections can be double, or triple glazed.

uPVC front doors can also be found in a decent choice of coloured versions, from mahogany to rose wood (and of course white!)


Special doors:

stable and cottage doorsFor those of you who require them or just want to be different, Stable & Cottage door designs for uPVC front & back doors are available.

These type of doors are great for adding character whist giving the security and long lifespan of a typical UPVC Front Doors.